Barn Development

Taking elements from different thumb nails I produced these images developing shape proportion and construction.

Barn Concepts

Silouette exploration for the barn, trying different shapes and proportions.


I wanted get a sense of what i'd need for the wooded areas. I gathered some images of trees I wanted to include.

Interiors and props.

I do intend to have a few limited interiors spaces and I want the to seem busy and ram shackled. I plan on reusing lots of basic props with scale and rotation changes.


I want to include varying degrees of damage around the environment. However I want them to look like they happened over time, not in one sudden event.
I gathered a lot of photo research from the abandoned deer shed at Calke Abbey.

Architexture exploration

I wanted to try and get ideas of how architextural elements worked for the buildings I wanted to create.
Things like how corners are turned, how materials switch and how different elements join together.

Exterior Research