Considerations and Challenges

Technical Art considerations:
Modular Trees
Convincing rocks
Flowing water
Water reflections
Falling leaves
Floating leaves on water
Day/night cycle
Animated trees to move in wind
Moving cloud shadows on ground
Birds etc.

Making the colours work together.
Creating a coherent look.
Making the natural parts work with the man made parts.
Creating a believable sense of scale.
Creating a believable sense of detail.
Managing hard surface an organic modelling.
Keeping The player confined whilst not making them feel limited.

Places to gather reference.

For this current idea I've researched places where it would be possible to gather photo reference. Some may be easier to get than other and some may require permission.

  • Hardraw Force - Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Bradgate Park
  • Derbyshire Peak District
  • Burbage Common/Woods
  • London Design Museum
  • ?Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station?
  • ?Tata Steel plant in Port Talbot?

Mood - Colour

I want the colour palette to reflect the changing colours of autumn. So lots of  reds browns yellows and greens, with cooler colours coming from the rock and water elements. The colours for the tower and all the human elements is still undecided, but it needs to work well with the autumn tones.

The lighting to mainly come from the sun, with the time of day being early evening or morning. However I might add a day night cycle to the scene. Also the tower and other human elements maybe have small lights to help focus attention.

Initial ideas

An exterior scene based in an Autumnal wood using a large modern/futuristic building and a waterfall as focus points

With the scene I intend to show some kind of relationship between Nature and human influence.
I intend to have pipes and cables running through the woods and things like CCTV cameras dotted about. All these things and the tower will be over grown and dirty as if they're being reclaimed.