Ford Model B pick-up Update

About happy with all the major forms (wheels are place holders just to get the feel.)
Now to start work on the engine.

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    I don't doubt for a minute your technical skill and your capacity for a decent amount of hard work. Calke Abbey looks like a promising environment project, and I'm looking forward to seeing a high quality end product.

    I am a little concerned that the project seems to have changed quite significantly recently, which seems to negate the semester one concepting and planning.

    That makes the project feel quite a long way behind where it should be. Given that, I would like to see some evidence of project planning and time management. Your professional experience should come to the fore here - I have higher expectations of you in this regard than perhaps other students who have not been exposed to professional level project planning and time management...

    At the moment, the production of assets seems a little random given that there is a large chunk of real estate to be built, and buildings to be constructed, why work on a truck?

    Also, be aware that you will need to clarify exactly what you have built and what the Cry Engine provides for you. Yes its a good engine for outdoor locations, but don't forget that you are supposed to be showcasing your own talents and not relying on a commercial engine to do the majority of the work for you.

    Again, a little more rigorous planning would clarify that issue for us.

    Also can you get your blog to display posting dates, as its impossible to track progress if there is no date stamp. This is a simple accountability issue and as such is very important.